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Institute of Early Childhood

Staff Bios

Academic Staff

Head of Department Dr Peter Whiteman
Director of the Children and Families Research Centre Associate Professor Marina Papic
Director of Mia Mia and Lecturer  Ms Wendy Shepherd
Professor Professor Jacqueline Hayden
Associate Professor Associate Professor Jennifer Stephenson
Professor Professor Manjula Waniganayake
Associate Professor Associate Professor Sheila Degotardi
Senior Lecturer Dr Katey De Gioia
Senior Lecturer Dr Rebekah Grace
Senior Lecturer Dr Coral Kemp
Senior Lecturer Ms Jenny Nicholls
Senior Lecturer Dr Shirley Wyver
Lecturer Mrs Rebecca Andrews
Lecturer Ms Kelly Bittner
Lecturer Ms Clare Britt
Lecturer Dr Maria Hatzigianni
Lecturer Ms Sandra Cheeseman
Lecturer Dr Yeshe Colliver
Senior Lecturer Dr Kathy Cologon
Lecturer Dr Emilia Djonov
Lecturer Ms Camilla Gordon
Senior Lecturer Dr Fay Hadley
Lecturer Dr Kate Highfield 
Lecturer Dr Helen Little
Lecturer Dr Melissa Johnstone
Lecturer Dr Carol Newall
Lecturer Dr Amanda Niland
Lecturer Ms Doranna Wong

Professional Staff

Department Manager / PA to Head of Department Ms Julie McCorquodale
Undergraduate Student Services Officer Ms Anita Chang
Postgraduate Student Services Officer Ms Shyam Howlin
CFRC Administrator   Mrs Sally Thompson
IEC and HDR Administrator Ms Alex Loveday
IEC Practicum Officer Ms Sian O'Brien
IEC Practicum Officer Ms Andrea Ruttenberg
IEC Project Manager Dr Kelly Baird